Martins antique mantel clock collection

An Antique Mantel Clock Collection

Jerome mantel clock label

New Haven mantel clock label

This site shows my antique mantel clock and watch collection (sometimes mantle clock in US). Most of the mantel clocks are of the small Connecticut style made by companies such as New Haven, Jerome and Company and (maybe!) Junghans.They are all 30 hour mantel clocks.

For each timepiece there is a photo and description - including any makers' marks, serial numbers and, where useful, the photos of labels inside the clock cases

I started collecting these mantel clocks because I love their simplicity - I could look inside them and understand how they worked! Also although antique clocks are usually expensive, some antique mantel clocks can sometimes still be found quite cheaply in junk stores and car boot (garage) sales.

Sometimes I have bought what I thought was an American mantel clock but upon further inspection found it to be a European mantel clock impersonating an American mantel clock! These were made by Teutonia and (maybe!) Junghans. You will see a couple of these interesting imposters in my European mantel clock collection, where you will also see a "savings" mantel clock for which "Money is Time"!

I also confess to having some very interesting electric clocks! I hope you enjoy my collection.

I also have a developing collection of watches dating from about the 1950's. I also have a couple of pocket watches, including one made by Waltham.

New Haven Steeple mantel clock - Jerome and Company mantel clock - New Haven Alarm mantel clock - French mantel clock - French Alarm mantel clock - Junghans mantel clock - Teutonia mantel clock - Jerome Large mantel clock - British Savings mantel clock

To see large photos and information about my collection of Antique American Clocks click HERE and for my collection of Antique European Clocks click HERE.

For my collection of watches click HERE.

I also confess to having some very interesting electric clocks: see them HERE!

I hope you enjoy my collection.